Saturday, 29 July 2017

Not Sure Guys.

So the FDA announce a new Tobacco Strategy. It is a big deal on several levels.

Lowering Nic in cigarettes. Really? It makes sense if you are a never smoking, Tobacco Company hating Tobacco Controller type person. Smokers around the World must be laughing. People enjoy smoking, they always have and always will. They will just smoke more to compensate as most sensible people realise.

Suggestion that they may give eCigs almost free reign? Be nice if it happens. I am not convinced it will play out that well. The US ANTZ still seem to have the ear of influential people and they will be working on their campaigns as I type.

Now if the two things are taken together it looks like an attempt to almost force smokers on to eCigs. From a health point of view it is hard to argue with but I feel uncomfortable with the forced side of it. It looks like they want to kill smoking by moving everyone onto vaping but then they will force people off of that in the same way. Look, Vaping has converted millions of people into non smokers. It did this despite the meddling and rabid opposition from Tobacco Control. If the FDA are serious then they must not make Vaping into a tool. People like to choose and do not take well to being made to do things. Let Vaping run free with nothing more than normal consumer regulation and it will do the job.

I really hope I am wrong and Vaping is about to get an easy run in the US. I do feel sorry for US smokers though.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Hey Ruth. This one is for you.

So you don't like that ordinary plebs blog about some of the rubbish you allow to be printed in that ideological rag that parades itself as a Science Journal. Well guess what. We do not care anymore. After years of being ignored, blocked, called industry shills and made the subject of some lunatic study, what else do you expect. Studies that have passed peer review that are clearly poor science appear with alarming regularity. They only passed peer review because the peers were also rabid Anti Tobacco/Vaping people. Any good, honest scientist/academic would have returned them to the authors marked 'This is rubbish. Try again'. Seriously. Go back and reread some of the utter bilge you have allowed to be published and be honest with yourself. Is it any wonder we blog and comment wherever we are allowed and  I say allowed because in most cases any departure from the holy scriptures is blocked or shut down.

Let me put it another way. What we see being published as research is being aimed at and used by legislators World wide to shape new laws that directly affect us, not you.  Should we not be allowed a say without being called names? When we are denied that say is it any wonder we get angry? You and your fellow Tobacco Controllers are interfering with our lives. Don't expect us to go quietly.

I notice you are 'opening rapid response'. Do you expect us to believe this will give us the chance to challenge what we see? It never has before. Feel free to comment on this blog. I won't censor anything.

Rant off